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What is Longspan Shelving For?

Longspan shelving is suitable for industrial, commercial or domestic use and is great for simple sheds, garages, and warehouse environments storage systems. It is ideal for a work bench option, as cabinets or for storing product boxes, archives, accessories, spare parts or fish tanks. These designed heavy duty shelving systems allow for an easier and a more organised way of managing the various resources that companies may have at their disposal.

Long span shelving systems can be made of an integral component of a more comprehensive pallet racking system which can further improve the logistics management. Consequently, it will improve the overall efficiency of the business, maximise storage space and improve new materials handling. After all, managing inventories, especially with a high density storage, can be a real challenge if they are not well organised.

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Large Commercial and Retail Use

Large commercial, industrial establishments, warehouses and items organisations can benefit from a highly-systematised shelving system. This can aid in the more efficient management of product inventory/stock and other critical resources that drive the organisation’s bottom line.

For instance, right investing in a robust steel beams shelving system can help improve the bottom line by ensuring a more durable platform in which to manage organisational resources.

For retail shop owners, the use of long-span racking solutions can help improve the safety of their products, work areas, and other rooms where they might have a need for such types of shelving. Since objects can be stacked into these pallet racking cantilever systems, shop owners can also reclaim precious floor space for other more meaningful shelf use, especially those with a small area to work on.

Wide Range Shelving Options

We have a wide range of longshelving sizes option and design available. The loading limits of longspan shelving vary according to the different beam sizes. In general, the weight per load of the materials to be stored will have an impact on the overall length, level, and other size dimensions of the shelving beams.

Whether you are looking for a racking drive system, rack storage systems, longspan shelving or aiming to upgrade your existing shelving system by going double deep, you can always rely on Multiple Storage Solutions name for the best possible answer to your logistics organisation needs.

If you’re not sure what steel features you might need, give our company a call and let us help. Our warehouse storage systems are ready for delivery in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Longspan Shelving Bays Dimensions

These are our most common longspan shelving options

  • Height 2000/2400mm
  • Width 1000/1800/2000/2400mm
  • Depth 605/460mm

These racking drive hold a maximum load capacity of 350kg per level. It’s standard to have four shelf levels, each made of 18mm particle board. However, there are extra beam levels available, if you would like more than four levels beam lengths. Also, you can have high quality metal shelves and mesh decks instead of chipboard. Single tier, double tier, and multiple tier racking are also available depending on our stocks.

Longspan Racking Colour Options

The standard colour description of long-span racking is gun-metal grey with a powder coat finish, but Multiple Storage Solutions can arrange other available colours which suit you.

Tyre Workshop Shelving

Second Hand Longspan Shelving

If you googled Melbourne longspan shelving or looking for used/second hand heavy duty shelves, we have them in stock. These long span shelving systems are affordable in price and still in a strong, very good condition particle board.

Whatever your requirements are or if you have questions about our services, storage solutions and pricing, please contact our Melbourne, VIC, Australia office on 03 8390 4483 to speak with our friendly team.


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