Once we have installed your pallet racking, longspan shelving or mezzanine floor, we want to help you maintain a safe working environment. We do this through regular safety audits and repairs.


Once your storage solution has been installed, it is important to regularly audit to ensure it is kept in good condition. This helps ensure a safe working environment for all your employees. Your pallet racking needs to have no signs of damage to ensure it is structurally safe, and should be inspected at least annually.

As part of our expert regular safety pallet racking audit service, Multiple Storage Solutions works with the highest Australian safety and Work Safe standards to provide guidance on the following and more:

  • Any required repair work
  • Recommended signage
  • Safety advice

We provide you with a comprehensive report of our safety audit.

There are many critical factors that we look for in our audits. These include:

  • Authorised installation
  • Correct dynabolting
  • Damaged columns
  • Damaged beams
  • Damaged braces
  • Correct splicing
  • Rusted rack


Damaged pallet racking can be dangerous. Your warehouse racking and shelving must be regularly checked and repaired to ensure it continues to adhere to Australian safety and Work Safe standards.

Experts in the installation and ongoing maintenance of warehouse racking and shelving, Multiple Storage Solutions regularly conducts the following common repairs (and more):

  • Replacing damaged columns
  • Replacing damaged brace
  • Replacing damaged feet
  • Splicing frames

WorkSafe provides guidance on assessing damage to pallet racking, and this determines whether a repair is feasible, or the racking needs to be replaced. The WorkSafe Guidance Note on Pallet Racking Operation and Maintenance pamphlet provides further information on this important topic.
Multiple Storage Solutions can also provide you with safety-protection solutions tailored to your unique racking system. We also sell all the safety accessories you need to protect your rack and ensure you maintain a safe, secure warehouse environment.

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