Racking Audits & Repairs

With over 20 years of experience, Multiple Storage Solutions knows what you, our clients, need. On top of providing premium materials, great brands, racking system and installation services, we also conduct after-sales racking audits in Melbourne as well as repairs. This way, we can both ensure that the rack or shelving we’ve installed stays damage-free and safe for all employees.

  • Why are racking inspections necessary?

Regular wear and tear or forklift collisions can affect the structural integrity of your pallet racks. Some of these defects are not easy to spot, though. But with professional racking audits, we can identify and address minor racking system damages before they become worse.

In turn, you get less costly repairs with minimal business disruption. More importantly, you and your workers or visitors stay protected from accidents or hazards.

  • How often should the safety audits be?

According to the Australian Standard AS4084-12 for steel storage racking, companies need to conduct inspections at least once a year.

  • Can our warehouse managers do the audits instead?

Warehouse personnel may be able to see visible dents on your racking systems. However, they are likely to miss hidden warehouse storage system damages that can compromise workplace safety. Your warehouse employees may not promptly submit damage reports when needed.

While regular checks by your on-site staff are vital, they may not be able to give solutions that are up to Australian standards & compliance.

Oversights and errors only lead to waste of time and money. By hiring experts for your racking audits in Melbourne, your workers can focus on what they do best. Moreover, you get a comprehensive audit report, guideline-based solutions and peace of mind.

Racking Audits

Multiple Storage Solutions has a team of competent engineers to inspect your racks. Besides following the Australian Standard AS4084-12, we also base our assessment and recommendations on the WorkSafe guidelines. After checking, we provide a detailed written racking audit report that covers:

  • Rack condition. We will assess the installation, application and use of your racking components. The inspection phase will involve checking of working load limits, current configuration and racking signage.
  • During the assessment, our experts will identify the type and location of defects. These may include distorted uprights; damaged beams, columns or braces; corroded floor fixings; missing beam connectors or safety clips; and overloading.
  • We then suggest rectifications based on predefined damage categories. Our skilled staff will include a list of items that you need to fix or replace. If you wish to conduct routine in-house inspections, our experts can also help train your staff on what to look for in racking inspection and how to do it.

Racking Repairs

Regular audits are not good enough without proper racking repair. At Multiple Storage Solutions, we follow the WorkSafe damage action flowchart. This guide ensures that our team act on specific damage types (acceptable, hazardous or very serious) in an authoritative and timely manner.

What’s more, we make this process convenient for you through our one-stop-shop service. After your racking inspection, we can start fixing or replacing any damaged products, column, brace, feet or frame.

For your custom-made storage systems, we’ll provide repairs tailored to your needs. Then we can also install safety accessories to maintain their tip-top condition. On top of client-centred service, you also get all our safety and protective storage system solutions at competitive rates.

When you’re ready for your annual racking audits or maintenance, call us now on 03 8390 4483 or submit your requirements by clicking this link. Our consultants will take care of your queries and requirements.