Organisation really does equal efficiency. Often, however, it’s not a case of not having enough space to organise our workplaces, but rather knowing how to maximise the space we do have. That’s where shelves can come in.

Shelving is a fantastic way to maximise space and organise important items and materials for easy access. With a huge variety of shelf sizes and types available, Multiple Storage Solutions specialises in designing and installing shelving units that suit your unique space and requirements.

Plus, all of our shelving products and accessories comply with Australian standards and codes, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. Whether you need shelves for your home, office, warehouse, or factory, we’ve truly got you covered.

Shelving styles available at Multiple Storage Solutions include:

  • Rolled upright type (RUT) shelving (like a strong, steel, modular bookcase-style shelving unit)
  • Gondola shelving (like the open-style shelves you usually see in retail stores, attached to gondolas)
  • Rivet shelving (open shelving units with strong frames held in place by rivets)
  • Compactus units (the ones you can move on tracks with a handle, often used in offices to store files, saving space)
  • Long-span shelving
  • Cool room shelving
  • Mobile shelving

Shelving Accessories

We also sell all the accessories you might need for your shelves, including:

  • Parts bins for louvered panels
  • Rolled-type louvered panels
  • Flat-type louvered panels
  • Stackable parts bins
  • Parts trays


Sell your racking and shelving to us and walk away with a smile on your face and extra money in your pocket. Or save money through buying one of our quality second-hand storage units.